This is not a test. Or an illusion. Or a joke…

Ok. I know. I know. It’s been awhile and to be perfectly honest while I have enjoyed the time off, I couldn’t stay away forever. Additionally, I think it’s safe to assume upfront that very few readers out there care what my parade of excuses would entail…so that parade has been canceled – indefinitely (if you find yourself actually pondering why I’ve been dark for so many weeks…feel free to reach out to me…it’s a fascinating story involving trial, tribulation and Swedish Fish).

So I’ve been pondering for awhile now, how I would come back with a bang, and I am going to go ahead and follow the lead of a little known company…Apple. That’s right people...The Beatles. Sure the super group has been around for decades, but Apple releases their songs on iTunes and it makes the Wall Street Journal (weekend addition of course…WSJ). I am not upset about this in the least because a) inspired me to play a little Sgt. Peppers when normally you’d find me shaking it to Katy Perry (Don’t lie to yourself, you would be too) and b) it brought me back to Track Star.

Yes I am a Stone at my core, but I sure as all get out have a favorite Beatles song. Part of me craves to have been a part of Beatles mania and that’s why I tend to lean toward their earlier tracks, especially those co-written by Paul and John because they seem perfect at the core of the music. “I Saw Her Standing There” was originally released on the B-side of their single “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and is the perfect mix of that British Pop and Rockabilly sound – they did borrow a riff from Chuck Berry.

I am not sure how many of you have seen the movie Nowhere Boy, but it’s truly an inspiring and lovely film that chronicles the beginnings of John Lennon as a musician and the spark that ignited the creation of the Beatles. I would say one of the most chilling scenes of the movie has to be Paul teaching John how to play the guitar, but my favorite scene of the movie has to be when Paul and John meet, it’s truly electrifying, you can almost sense that they knew they were teetering on the edge of something magnanimous – watch it for yourself below.

I also have to post a live performance of “Twist and Shout”, in case you forgot just how ga ga people were for this foursome. I don’t think I’ve ever been moved to tears at a show and I LOVE music, which leads me to conclude this was an emotion much stronger than LOVE, in fact emotion wouldn’t do this crowd justice, hysteria could be suggested, but mania seems to fit just as well…it feels good to be back.


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