I’m not walking on sunshine, I’m walking on the moon

Update: I’m back in the saddle, although I am definitely not on the wagon.

Anyway, I was perusing the emails I received from bands and other bloggers during my absence, and I came across a track that piqued my interest. I take my music seriously, but not that seriously, and this band seems to channel my sentiment — The Moon Visionaries are a group comprised of 4 guys with bed head from 4 corners of the world. More specifically we’ve got Greg from Salt Lake City, Mitch from Toronto, Marco from Rome and Andrew from London. Today they live and perform in London, England. Geography aside, this group produces the kind of fun, glossy, let’s not think about this too hard, indie, dance, pop music that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. This foursome drops beats that don’t disappoint, providing me with an hour of toe-tapping, feel good music on their debut EP – I can almost hear the Mark Ronson remix. I am posting my personal favorite, Mr. Hollywood, but download their entire collection @http://soundcloud.com/moonvisionaries.

Moon Visionaries, Mr. Hollywood


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