Keith Richards: Roots and Reggae


This is one of my favorite playlists from the issue because well I love the Rolling Stones, and despite the fact that my mother swears Keith Richards autobiography, Life, is the worst thing to happen to literature since Gossip Girl, I love him. I love Keith Richards for his artistic and creative abilities (not his literary prowess) and in my opinion his picks define and appeal to his essence. Sure he picks from the greats, Chuck Berry, Robert Johnson and Elmore James, my favorite and in my eyes the most randomly beautiful has to be Erma Franklin singing “Piece of My Heart”. I had no idea that before Janis Joplin, came Aretha’s sister singing this rhythm and blues beaut. Richards puts it perfectly, “Janis did a good job covering this. But Erma’s got the stuff.” I won’t blabber any longer and I will let you listen and decide. I am also posting Richard’s full list from Rolling Stone.

Keith Richards: Roots and Reggae

  1. “Stagolee” Jesse Fuller, 1958
  2. “When Did You Leave Heaven” Big Bill Broonzy, 1951
  3. “It Hurts Me Too” Elmore James, 1957
  4. “Blues Hangover” Slim Harpo, 1960
  5. “Key to the Highway” Little Walter, 1958
  6. “Piece of My Heart” Erma Franklin, 1967
  7. “In a Dis Ya Time” The Itals, 1998
  8. “Innocent People Cry” Gregory Isaacs, 1974
  9. “Memphis, Tennessee” Chuck Berry, 1958
  10. “32-20” Robert Johnson, 1936

2 comments on “Keith Richards: Roots and Reggae

  1. Thanks God I found this blog, It really help me a lot for my research, lots of information i get. Thumbs up!

  2. Ben Clift says:

    really great playlist thanks to whoever put this up !

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