Jared Followill: Songs of 2010


Jared Followill is the bassist for Kings of Leon…First things first, I didn’t recognize him without the beard, but that aside, I was pleased to see that he and I share the exact same taste music. Jared picked his ten favorite songs birthed from 2010 and I had all ten in my most played songs in iTunes. We are simpatico you could say, musically of course, but he is sort of cute…maybe he’s single…I think Ashley Greene might be out of the picture. Anyway, according to Rolling Stone magazine, “In Kings of Leon, bassist Jared Followill is the guy with his ear closest to the ground, always seeking out new music. “One of the other guys will say ‘Dude, I just heard this CD that sounds so cool!'” he says. “I’m like, ‘Yeah, that’s the song you made me turn off in the dressing room four tours ago!'”

I am posting my 2 favorite songs from his selection because I just couldn’t pick one. I also suggest you download every song on his list, because they are wonderful. Helicopter by Deerhunter is my first pick, and much like Jared I too, enjoy the sounds on “Helicopter” — and I too, can’t recognize some of the instruments. All in all Helicopter is a musical experimentation and it successfully works with many variables.

My Second pick is by the Drums, Forever and Ever Amen. It’s one of my all time favorite tracks and as Jared so perfectly surmises, “They write some of the best melodies of any band around right now, but the video is what made me fall in love with the song. ” Obviously I am posting the video…duh. It’s retro, a little off beat and makes me smile.

Jared Followill: Songs of 2010

  1. “Chinatown” Wild Nothing
  2. “I Remember” Yeasayer
  3. “Helicopter” Deerhunter
  4. “Our Deal” Best Coast
  5. “Phenomenons” Twin Sister
  6. “Forever and Ever Amen” The Drums
  7. “Marathon” Tennis
  8. “Walk in the Park” Beach House
  9. “Congratulations” MGMT

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