I’m an idea girl…


Yep. I am full of ideas, just yesterday in fact, I decided I wanted to open my own flower shop, working to bring beauty and pollen to the people of Austin, but honestly the chances of that happening are slim to none (one of my creations can be seen to the left – I’m a natural obviously). WHY, you might ask am I telling you all this? Well, obviously this “daily” song blog was a great idea, but working and traveling across Texas every other week has put quite a strain on my blogging. More efficiently put, I clearly fell WAY off the wordpress wagon. Additionally, the 52 records in 52 weeks was another GREAT idea that never quite left the ground, I’m embarrassed to admit there is actually dust on my record player. All that said, I must humbly admit, that while I believe I have great ideas, I struggle with execution of said ideas…and no I didn’t need that personality test to tell me I lack in organization, but I flourish conceptually…DUH. SO I sit before you, my readership, and hope that you can forgive me and accept me in spite of my faults. Sure I know that I’m not consistent, I am creative and hopefully from this point forward you can enjoy I bring to the table, even if it is only the place-mats.



2 comments on “I’m an idea girl…

  1. Mel says:

    This is great. From one idea girl to another, you put it so perfectly. Anything you write is always fantastic, for real. And I’ll hire you to do floral arrangements any day. xo

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