I heard it through the grapevine…


I love nothing more than listening to Rumours. While I am aware that might sound a bit odd, considering the petty nature of gossip, please don’t take what I say at face value. I am simply referring to the greatest Fleetwood Mac album of all time…Rumours. Some of you might be familiar with Rumours and those of you who aren’t…shame on you. Let’s be honest, if Glee deems an album important, it’s important.

While I am on team Stevie Nicks, my absolute favorite song on this juicy album is “Never Going Back Again” performed by the sultry and tortured Lindsey Buckingham. It’s a soulful and sad anthem, with an acoustic tenderness that makes part of me wish Buckingham had avoided that British minx who broke his heart and inspired him to write the tune all together.

Despite the drama surrounding the making of this album (break ups and break downs a plenty), Rumours will stand in history as a tremendous musical journey and in my opinion it was Fleetwood Mac’s magnum opus. I am posting the melancholic tune here and a live performance by Buckingham and his special guest…


One comment on “I heard it through the grapevine…

  1. Tyler Bradley says:

    You’re back! Wahoo!

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