Three Amigos


Steve Martin, Martin Short and Chevy Chase have nothing on the animated threesome that makes their debut in Rodney Selby’s musical interpretation of Danger Beach‘s instrumental masterpiece, Apache. Selby’s creativity shines along side of Danger Beach’s futuristic yet simple sound. Before watching this lovely video, you might be stumped when asked “What do an Indian, a Buffalo and a Yeti have in common?” However, in 2 minutes and 30 seconds, I imagine you’ll have no problem with that conundrum because OBVIOUSLY we all know that an Indian, a Buffalo and a Yeti all play a mean guitar.

If you don’t get a kick out of this video like I did (I’ve watched it 7 times today), I am sure you’ll enjoy Danger Beach’s tunes because they are undeniably brilliant, which is why I recommend downloading their entire album, Milky Way.

Danger Beach, APACHE


Track Star


One comment on “Three Amigos

  1. leo says:

    You love Steve Martin

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