Monday Mazel

It’s hard not to love Paul Simon. He’s a lyrical and musical genius, paring the most unexpected melodies with the most inspirational and creative verbiage. He’s also an alright guitar player ;)

While Graceland still stands as one of my absolute favorite albums, Paul’s new album, So Beautiful or So What, is worth mentioning on its own. It’s a new sound that’s hauntingly familiar. You’ll see what I mean when you listen to Rewrite, the tune Paul performed live on SNL this past weekend, how he channels his roots and challenges his past. This song somehow became even more impressive, watching legend play the slide guitar with no pick in front of a live and sometimes unforgiving audience. Check the video out below too.

Also if I didn’t mention this already, I get to see this monumental artist play this coming Sunday in lovely Gulf Shores, Alabama. If you yourself are going to be at Hangout Festival – leave a post below and tell me who you’re most excited to see…You can obviously call me Al.

Rewrite, So Beautiful or So What




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