If I was from Paris…


First, I’d eat pain au chocolat every day and then I’d say Ooh La Laaaaaaa Laaa Laaaa Laaa Laaa, just like Miss Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Paris, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is my most favorite-ist (I am aware this isn’t a word) GP&N song. Yes, Grace Potter is a hot little tamale, but she can also sing and jam her ass off while still managing to be bffl’s with Warren Haynes, does anything else need to be said, I think not. So without further ado…Grace and her Nocturnals performing Paris…Live from the Artists Den.

Grace Potter: Live from the Artists Den | Paris from Artists Den on Vimeo.


One comment on “If I was from Paris…

  1. R.L. Morgan says:

    She is and will be equal to C4…EXPLOSIVE!!!!!..enough said. I just saw her on a PBS channel and was just blown away “thus the C4” with the edge that she and her band has. Fluidity.

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