Pinky Out: Icona Pop’s “Manners”

The Icona Pop duo isn’t necessarily reinventing the wheel, but as Maura Johnston of the Village Voice expresses so perfectly, these Swedish Pop Princesses know the power of a “glitched-out campfire singalong with a persistent hook” and their hit “Manners” is literally moving the “music people” needle across the country. I am not necessarily talking about “Kiss FM” status, but Icona Pop’s influence is already musically relevant. The blog-tastic rap duo, Chiddy Bang, has already embraced Icona Pop’s hook with their tune “Mind Your Manners”, which is individually becoming a hit.

Let’s be honest with each other for a second, plagiarism is one of the highest forms of flattery and as all music enthusiasts know, only the packaging changes, the meat of the music is cyclical. All this aside, Icona Pop provides us with an interesting duality of fun and sincerity, these gals have deliciously sweet voices, and it doesn’t hurt that Day Glo has a staring role in their video. Check it out the tune below and never underestimate the importance of your manners.




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