Bibio has “Lovers’ Cravings”

Bibio, also known as (aka) Stephen Wilkinson, understands how to craft a beautiful tapestry of meticulous, witty and caring songs. I know what you’re thinking, caring?, it might sound odd, but these textured pop tunes embody lush textures that act like a warm, friendly hug for your ears. Who doesn’t love hugs?

From what I have read about Mr. Wilkinson, he was mentored by seminal Scottish electronic act Boards of Canada and they are responsible for passing on Wilkinson’s early demos to hip hop label Mush Records. He comes from quite the pedigree and in my opinion, his new approach to pop music excites my tastes – he has even been quoted saying, “Be imaginative, don’t let other people or technology dictate to you how music should be made”. This sentiment strikes me as brilliantly simple.

The particular track I picked today is from his 2008 album Ambivalence Avenue and is titled Lovers’ Cravings. This tune plays with its own transitional nature, dispersing instrumental bars alongside Bibio’s rustic vocal croon. Lovers’ Cravings feels like a journey of musicality. In a way I feel wrong trying to describe this song with words when it does such a good job explaining itself musically. So let’s dive in…



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