Holy Ghost! Let’s “Wait and See” and then “Do It Again”

I am a BIG Holy Ghost fan, but their most recent self titled album(!) really has me channeling Cameron Diaz in Charlie’s Angels (part 1 of course), doing a booty dance in superman underwear, obvi. Itunes did me a huge favor this week by putting up and coming artists albums on sale for 6.99 and while I know most of you probably don’t pay for music part of me feels like it’s just good karma to pay for a record. It all comes full circle, right?!

I have two favorite songs from this album, “Wait and See” and “Do It Again”. Note today’s blog title…I was recently told that I needed to be more specific in my titles to get more hits on the blog, oh the things we do for popularity. All this aside Holy Ghost knows how make a song that’s not only catchy-as-all-get-out but takes their dancefloor pop to a new level…transcendent in my opinion.

Holy Ghost!, Do It Again

Holy Ghost!, Wait and See


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