Are you sure you meant to say Com Truise?

I believe you would call Com Truise a spoonerism, for those of you who aren’t as advanced in the English language as myself, a spoonerism is error in speech or deliberate play on words in which corresponding consonants, vowels, or morphemes are switched. I love a good spoonerism more than most any literary device, which is why I decided I liked Com Truise before I ever even listened to the electro-synth sounds. The cleverness aside, Seth Haley presents a perfect blend of  “80s computer music nostalgia and proggy, electronic funk” – I gathered this little summary from Mike Pytlik over at If the music snobs over at PF can give Haley a chance then so can I, despite my downward spiral into my Lil Wayne music library as of late…

My track pick is from the melting galactic “Galactic Melt” and while it’s undoubtedly the fan favorite, it is still the legitimately amazing Ether Drift.


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