Funkanomics. Enrolled.

Jimmy Carter was president last time I posted a mash-up which I figure completely unacceptable. Thus, I decided this morning there is truly no better time than the here and the now and coincidentally I came across this German Funkified Trio on SoundCloud. Please meet the Funkanomics.

As someone who generally has an issue with all things German (WWII – never forget), I am in love these guys. This three-o puts a completely new spin on mash ups…you are most likely wondering, “how can a mash-up be a new? it’s literally mixing other people’s’ old music?”…well I think you might be hard pressed to find another group mixing the Cure, Nas and Warren Clarke or a group that would add even more FUNK to the Stevie Wonder classic of “Superstitious”. All in all Funkanomics is dope-ness and I know that I give an A+  to this funky freak show. Check out some of their most popular tracks below, and they are all downloadable.

Nas vs. Cure – Revolutionary Lullaby (Funkanomics ft. Audio InFunktion Mashup)

Warren Clarke – Everybody (Funkanomics Remix)

Stevie Wonder – Superstition (Funkanomics Remix)





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