Rapture takes time.

I was given a sneak listen of this album a couple of weeks ago and from the get go I was not completely sold, but having just spent the last couple of hours giving it another chance, I would say my opinion has completely changed. The Rapture have a completely unique sound and given the time between their first album and this albums release, about 6 years, I would say they worked on evolving and cultivating a dynamic sound. The official release of this album is September 6 so download it because it’s an absolute audible delight.

The album’s title track, In The Grace of Your Love, and single is simple in it’s melancholic feel and energy, but still gives the listener a reason to close your eyes and shake your hips. I would say my absolute favorite track has to be the last track on the album “It Takes Time To Be A Man” which features both a piano and a saxophone, what more could a girl ask for ?! It’s truly one of those songs that fills a room and thus fills my music-loving heart. I can’t wait to see these guys at La Zona Rosa in Austin, TX on October 12th. Yes I already bought me ticket.

A sneak peak:

The Rapture, In The Grace Of Your Love, It Takes Time To Be A Man




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