Alexander. Sophisticated songs about love.

“My notion of love devotion wants a corrosion of mind”

Alexander Ebert set out on his first solo project wielding a heavy hammer of musical whimsy. I am a fan of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros for both their weirdness and accessibility, thus I knew I’d give Alexander at least a chance, and I cannot say I was surprised that my ears took so kindly to his inaugural independent venture.

In his debut, self-titled album, Alexander combines what we love about ESANDTMZ with a sweet syncopation, its tempo and tone are pure and simply put, music to our ears. The entire album is worth a listen, but I can’t help and agree with the public in their favoritism of Alexander’s track, A Million Years, a poetic diddly with an honest sound and an even more genuine message. I find myself experiencing Alexander’s lyrics like I might step into a hot bath, fearing, yet embracing, the knowing and the trepidation of the peace to come. That might sound a bit far fetched, but you’ll see what I mean when you give this tune a listen. The breath of life welcomes you into a journey of sweet sound, a road paved with love and tears.

Million Years by AlexanderEbert


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