I’m feeling folky. I look up. Tallest Man On Earth

I know that the Carter IV was released at 12am this morning BUT everyone and their mom will be posting about that SO I am going in a different direction today. What direction you might ask? Well, I would say roughly 180 degrees from the Weez. I heard this song awhile back, but I rediscovered it about 22 hours ago and I was moved by the spirit to share it with my readers.

The Dreamer, Tallest Man On Earth

Tallest Man On Earth is lead by Kristian Matsson, a man with a voice and a story, a story he tells along side an acoustic guitar, a guitar that keeps his sound earthy in the most grandiose of fashions. My absolute favorite TMOE song is the The Dreamer, a track from Sometimes The Blues Is Just A Passing Bird album. In this particular song Matsson straps on an electric guitar (not standard of course), and stirs up a big, belty, beautiful ballad. This is the kind of song you might expect to hear during one of Joey’s self aware “Dawson, Pacey, Dawson, Pacey, No Dawson, No Pacey” moments, but you’d love it nonetheless. This tune is sometimes sad, but poignant and truthful and it spoke to me this weekend, so happy monday. Please do enjoy.






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