Run (and listen) while you can!

I have probably watched the trailer for “Run While You Can” a thousand times. RWYC is a documentary which will follow Sam Fox as he puts his physical body to the test, running the entire 2,650 mile Pacific Coast trail in 2 months. Sam is running as a means of raising money for Parkinson’s research, while simultaneously trying to express the emotions and gratitude he feels towards his mother, Lucy Fox, who was officially diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Sam reminds us that sometimes words aren’t enough.

You might be asking yourself “Why? Why is she explaining this movie in such great detail when it has nothing to do with her usual subject matter?” Well firstly, it is being produced by my lovely friend and filmmaker, Marion Mauran, a woman whose passion for the arts inspires everyone she meets. Secondly, besides being a brilliant filmmaker, Marion also has a true love of music. I look back fondly on the nights we boogied down to MJ and Aretha in our kitchen, cooking and singing and being so grateful to live in Siena, Italy. Those are some of the best memories I have to date, and to be honest, Marion gave me the confidence to start this blog, and it’s clear that she hears what I hear. Marion’s poignant musical choices for the trailers of her movie remind me to stop and listen, and as usual I like what I hear. To say I’m excited to see the final product of Marion’s creative energy would be like Bieber saying he just sort of likes colored denim and hoodies. I am ECSTATIC.

Trailer from Run While You Can Film on Vimeo.

Do me a favor, please take a second to watch the trailer, it would mean a lot to everyone involved with this project AND if you have the time or means please donate to Sam’s fundraiser for Parkinson’s research, even if it’s a dollar, every dollar counts. This is not a platitude people, Don’t hate – DONATE – here!

I am also posting a song which Marion uses in both her trailers of RWYC by Radical Face, Welcome Home is the perfect jaunty yet serene tune to follow Sam on his spiritual and physical journey from California to Mexico.

Radical Face, Welcome Home, Ghost


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