Who’s the King? The King of the Waves? Little Barrie that’s who.


Little Barrie is an English trio straight out of Nottingham, England, but to me they make music as though they’ve have been cruising through the streets of Laguna, watching the waves ebb and flow beneath the pink, sun soaked California skyline. King Of The Wavves, the title track from their new album, is the type of song that cruises through the soul and strokes the fire of the spirit. I know that sounds corny as all get out, but it’s true. This song just puts me at ease, rolling down the widows, feeling the warmth of the pavement tickle my cheeks, playing with the wind between my fingers…it’s that type of song. Please, do me a favor and don’t listen to this song in a dark room with no windows, I fear that if you do this, my analysis might really miss the mark.

So enjoy this beachy-heady serenade and just know that a secret desire of mine is to be the Queen of the waves (at least one day).

Little Barrie, King Of The Waves

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One comment on “Who’s the King? The King of the Waves? Little Barrie that’s who.

  1. Richard Chamberlain says:

    Hey, completely agree about KOTW, great laid back track. Try ‘Surf Hell’ for great driving music. Here’s a link to a couple of articles about the ‘Rocksmith’ video game that includes ‘Surf Hell’.



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