Look Up Up Up! I spot a Ceiling of Plankton!

The Givers should officially be on your radar, if they aren’t already. Releasing their first fill length album this past June, the Givers understand that just because music is a labor of love does not mean it can’t be f*cking fun too.

The Givers present both an airy and energetic sound. It’s hard to imagine to imagine this Louisiana crew not jumping and smiling and having the best time of their life while performing their songs, a breed I believe they refer to as “Dancey pants, indie pop love music.” How can you argue with that? Their sound throughout In Light is far from dull or static, the crowd favorite, Up Up Up, swells with a joyous confidence, while my personal go-to track, Ceiling of Plankton, is a little bit more reserved in its infectious wistfulness. I won’t do anyone a disservice today by posting one song over the other, so enjoy both!

Up Up Up, In Light, Givers

Ceiling of Plankton, In Light, Givers

Happy Monday!




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