I’m back! SXSW excites and inspires.

I spent the entire week of SXSW, which lucky for me takes place in my home town, bouncing from venue to venue listening to some of the most amazing and inspiring musicians this country/world has to offer.  As you all know (and if you didn’t know this then welcome!) I took a break from this blog over the past 6 months. A lot in my life has changed over the past 6 months, but I can tell you what has not changed, one single iota, is my passion for music and my desire to share this love of tunes with anyone who’ll take time to hear/read about my auditory interests.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be back in the saddle and this time around I will be working my tail feather off for TrackStar readers. Additionally, I am committed to seeing as much live music as possible this year and hopefully exposing my readers to what’s out there on the perimeter. I have also added a new feature to my site, MIXTAPES (See above header), to expose my readers to my vast portfolio of musical mixes, an underrated artistry in my opinion.

Happy Sunday!



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