Wow…I cannot believe it’s been a year


So I weirdly just decided to get back on my blog today…and lo and behold it’s been 1 year since I have posted. Exactly one year, not 364 days or 366 but 365…SO CREEPY. I am a virgo so I tend to be both skeptical and logical and not into cosmic woo woo (keep in mind this sentence started with astrology…maybe I am a Pisces), but it seemed kismit that I checked my blog today of all days.

I am therefore taking in this coincidence of dates as a monumental sign that my blog readers (all 18 of you) are missing Track Star and want to hear some fresh beats.

So cheers to new posts and to catching up on what I have been listening to these days…I have been listening to B.I.G’s Ready To Die on repeat lately and a lot of Funckadelic and Etta James. I would rather go blind than deaf too, Etta.

This is how excited I am to be back!





One comment on “Wow…I cannot believe it’s been a year

  1. eric robert says:

    I have no idea how I got here. Yay :)

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