MNDR….not just a random arrangement of letters.

MNDR is in fact Amanda Warner, a bold, gutsy woman who is responsible for producing tunes, best described as a concoction of one part Blondie,  two parts M.I.A. and  a little sprinkle of Missy Elliot. Straight out of Brooklyn, this beat enthusiast comes up with clever, gutsy and futuristic tracks. You might think you have heard something like this before, but listen closely, Amanda has a knack for crafting, the perfect danceable club-murdering pop while still infusing that erie, off beat, arty bent to all she touches. I am posting two of my favorites from MNDR, each at different ends of the spectrum, and in the future I expect Amanda to fill in this gap, experimenting with beats from every nook and cranny the indie scene has to offer.


MNDR, “I Go Away”

MNDR, “Fade to Black”