I’m slightly…..*ACL



Story Time! So one of my most heartbreaking memories from college involves Slightly Stoopid. My dear friend Cara’s ex, boyfriend at the time, was visiting Vanderbilt from Gettysburg freshman year and was literally in love with Slightly Stoopid. This kid was the picture of a classic Stoopid fan (basically means they look like any member of Slightly Stoopid), sort of hemp-y looking clothes, surfer, Oakley shades, said yeahhhh and dude a lot, and when he found out they were playing at Exit In a road trip was clearly in order. Of course this meant we were all going. Well one thing lead to another and Cara was asked to leave the concert before Stoopid came on after being found under the bar trying to chug a beer (or was it a vodka soda?). It must be said here and now that crouching while drinking anywhere in a bar is a dead give away you’re under age. He never got to see the show, but his deep passion for this band and the true sadness he expressed when he missed their appearance (there might have been tears) sparked my curiosity and well the rest is stoooooopid.

I have become a true lover of their haze infused reggae tunes, and I am going to post several of my favorites today for two reasons. 1. It’s the chillest music around 2. ACL 2010 Friday October 8th. So if you are a Stoopid fan like me, be there or be square.

Somebody, Closer to the Sun, Slightly Stoopid

Wiseman, Closer to the Sun, Slightly Stoopid

Up on a Plane, Closer to the Sun, Slightly Stoopid

Collie Man, Closer to the Sun, Slightly Stoopid