Directions for Life. Music Go Music.

There’s a record label by the name of Secretly Canadian and I have to say I am very passionate about several of their artists, War on Drugs, Gardens and Villa and Yeasayer. That being said, I was browsing their web page yesterday and I found this band by the name of Music Go Music. I wasn’t necessarily expecting much from a band with such a bossy name, but I was very taken with this trio’s vintage dance-y feel. MGM has an entirely unpredictable sound, it’s almost a mix between Best Coast and ABBA. This particular track, Light of Love, appears to be going down one road and then takes a drastic left turn across a multiple lane highway, and I love it. I am not Don Draper and I really love a good surprise. MGM isn’t for everybody, but most really creative ideas aren’t.

Music Go Music, Light of Love