Caught A Ghost isn’t as hard as you might think…

I watch some bad TV. I would like to be perfectly honest about that from the beginning. That being said, I was recently watching episode 202 of Suits, a USA original, and during the final scene of the episode where the love of my life, Gabriel Macht (see below!), is having a heart to heart with his boss, Jessica, I heard this really cool and interesting song in the background. I fancy myself a music enthusiast so I usually pay attention to music I hear in movies and on TV, but this one really caught my attention and to my utter dismay, SOUNDHOUND was unable to recognize the tune that was floating through my tele speakers. Obviously, I didn’t let that setback prevent me from finding what artist was successfully combining soul, dub step, sampling, and synths in one swoop –  So I ventured out on to the internet and there I discovered Caught A Ghost.

LA songwriter and producer Jesse Nolan created Caught A Ghost with band mates Stephen Edelstein and Tessa Thompson. Nolan explains Caught A Ghost as an expression for when you’re possessed by the spirit, used in the past by blues singers when they’d hear a good performance…I can definitely get on board with that. This particular track, Time Go, represents Nolan’s creative homage to Motown Stacks and James Blake. Caught A Ghost is about paying tribute to La La Land and the musical ghosts that roam the Hollywood hills. I hope you enjoy this track and oh yeah…I am glad to be back.