Quite the Duo.


M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel have found musical matrimonial bliss. Sure they are both in married to other people, but when it comes to music, they only have eyes for each other….well that’s not totally true, but together they do it best.

She and Him is sweet, folksy and all around good wholesome fun. It is feel good music at it’s best. It’s not saccharine, but honeyed pop perfection. Ward and Deschanel have found our sweet spot, and with two albums under their belts, they don’t seem to be stopping for anything, not even an insulin check….I am posting one song from each of their volumes(Yes, one is a cover of Smokey Robinson’s original), but as I always say, all their tracks are worth a listen.

Mondays are rough, but let these two songbirds transport you away….I promise it will be Friday before you know it.

You’ve Really Gotta Hold on Me, Volume One, She and Him

In the Sun, Volume Two, She and Him