Don’t hang them out to dry…..

This was one of my favorite bands before I really knew who they were. I know that sounds weird, but usually when I make playlists there are certain songs that I automatically put on them, mostly I don’t even realize I’m doing it. Usually that means that the song rocks or I can run to it….sometimes if we’re lucky those two go hand and hand, but usually lil’wayne mashups only take you so far. Anyway….. Cold War Kids’ Hang Me Up to Dry is certainly one of those tunes, and while I have had a long love affair with the song, I have recently discovered CWK’s (different than AndrewWK) new EP, Behave Yourself, and I’ll be frank, it’s boss.

I would have to say it’s a little less heavy handed than some of their other stuff, but it’s fun and it’s good to hear that they are truly experimenting with their sound. It works. My favorite tune thus far is Audience, so obviously I am forcing you to listen to today, but I am also posting my old shoe favorite, Hang Me Up to Dry. I hope you’ll adopt at least one of them as a staple to your favorite mix tap.


 – Audience

Hang Me Up to Dry

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