So I just spent a week in the caribbean. I know. Don’t hate me. Anyway, besides watching my mom try and escape conversation with a small black man offering her “ganga” on the beach of Yost Van Dyke, the best part of the trip was enjoying some of the more mellow tunes my ipod has to offer. For me the choice was obvious…..beach boys on repeat. Pet Sounds will stand as my all time favorite album, but unfortunately it doesn’t include my all time favorite song. Brian Wilson decided last minute to leave “Good Vibrations” off Pet Sounds, against the wishes of his other bandmates….thank you History of Pop and Jen Gunderman for that tidbit. Despite the fact that “Good Vibrations” joined a lesser, but still great compilation Smile Smiley/Wild Honey”, it’s pretty perfect, most notebally as my sidekick in the caribbean. While, I am certain all of you have heard this song a couple of times ;), I felt inclined to feature it because in many ways it expresses my taste in music the way Cherry Garcia defines Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. TGIF.


The Beach Boys - Smiley Smile / Wild Honey