Ja Boi!

I admitted to my TV addict ways long ago on this blog , but I think when you start pirating TV from other countries you reallllllllly might have a problem – which is currently my dilemma. Made in Chelsea is a scripted reality show made famous across the pond and recently picked up by the Style Network over in the good ole’ USA . Similarly to the Hills, MIC is about posh(rich) young Brits who jet set, sleep around and always are up for a good garden game/barn dance and simply put – it’s perfection. The production quality is TOP NOTCH (they just won a BAFTA) and the music is equally as enjoyable. I recently watched all of season 5 on YouTube and I found some tunes that I LOVE and had me dancing while washing my dishes, which is really where I set the bar for all dance-y tunes.

This particular track, Playin with My Friends from Masters In France, featured on thew below IKEA commercial, note the huge stuffed bear…you’re welcome Miley, has a classic combo of infectious beats and understated kitschy lyrics. I love it and I think you will too.