Rocky would like it.

I like to run, really I do, but it’s not always easy. Some days my legs feel just a tad heavier than they should (especially on saturdays and sundays….I have no idea why), and I need that extra umpf (spelling?) to help me get back on the couch faster. While Eye of the Tiger even gets Manny Pacquiao going, I think I found the next best thing, just in case you’re ever in need of an alternate “get your butt in gear” jam….

Sleigh Bells’ new album has a raw sound that makes that last mile go faster than a bag full of Jack in the Box curly fries in a cab with 4 drunk girls. The song is the first track on their album, Treats, and it’s titled “Tell ‘Em“. I will tell you this, you’re either going to love it or hate it, but it figuratively rocks my socks off and I would be willing to say it’s the best song in my life right now. I’m also posting my other favorite from the album, Rill Rill…this one you’ll like, although Rocky might find it a tad slow.

Tell ‘Em, Sleigh Bells, Treats

Rill Rill, Sleigh Bells, Treats


Sleigh Bells - Treats - Tell 'Em