It’s not personal, it’s heavy metal.

There’s just something about bands from Brooklyn, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there is definitely something about Brooklyn bands, it could be the swagger, the image, the slightly mysterious back story, the fact that there always seem to be more band members each time they release an album. Yes, there is DEFINITELY something about Brooklyn. White Rabbits are no exception to the rule. White Rabbit’s most recent album release Milk Famous commands a darker sound than their freshman effort Fort Nightly, there newest effort is synthy and sneaky and I love it. My favorite track from Milk Famous is Heavy Metal, but I Had It Coming is a close second, with it’s haunting/Johnny Cash lyrical presence. I don’t know much else about these 6 Brooklyn band mates, but there is definitely something there to look at and listen to.

White Rabbits, Heavy Metal

White Rabbits, I Had It Coming