Hate it or Love it.


So I usually don’t do this, but I was going through my itunes library – trying to clean house a bit – and I came across one of my all time favorite songs. I usually try and make my selections based more on what my listeners might enjoy versus my own selfish desires, but in this case….screw ya’ll. KIDDING of course, but seriously…today it’s all about my track.

So let’s get to it. In my opinion, Conor Oberst is a genius and Bright Eyes was his most successful opus, but I have found that there are a good amount of people out there who aren’t fans. I totally understand those who find Bright Eyes tiresome because there is something almost uneasy about Oberst’s voice, but to me there is an honesty and beauty that out weighs the flecks of imperfection. To me “The First Day of My Life” is tender hearted and sweet and it’s specifically Oberst’s quiver that makes it even more endearing. I am not here to convert you all into fans but more to indulge my own selfishness and sing my praises of Bright Eyes. I have all the albums, but nothing quite strikes the cord like Oberst’s declaration of love. So here’s to the person that starts your life…(not your mom people).


The First Day of My Life, I’m Wide Awake and It’s Morning, Bright Eyes


2 comments on “Hate it or Love it.

  1. salisa says:

    i love this!!! this is great!!!

  2. tung says:

    What a beautiful song

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